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Production Coating Services

There’s a reason that WMD is called “The Arsenal of Firearm Plating Technologies.”

It’s because WMD offers a full spectrum of firearm-specific coatings, ranging from decorative ceramic topcoats to high-performance proprietary coatings, they include as follows:

NiB-X® Nickel Boron

NiB-X® is our proprietary formulation…and a remarkable technology that proves that not all nickel boron coatings are created equal. WMD was a pioneer in of nickel boron technology in the firearms industry, and not only is our coating formula unique; our application process is, as well. We’re confident that our NiB-X coating provides the optimal combination of hardness, wear resistance, lubricity, and corrosion resistance.  The coating has a Rc 70 and a coefficient of friction of .06.  NiB-X maintains its properties in high temperature applications and impervious to most chemicals (Nitric Acid notwithstanding).  It has the same material properties throughout the structure of the coating so integrity and properties are maintained throughout the thickness. Coating can be duplexed with sublayers or topcoats to enhance specific properties customers may desire.

Nitromet Salt Bath Nitrocarburizing (Melonite, Tennifer, Black Nitride)

This process is the new industry leader in bore coatings for firearm barrels—achieving a 30% greater lifespan in the bore than chrome! It provides a Rc 55 surface through a high temperature diffusion process. This technology is applicable to metals that can withstand the processing temperatures such as barrels, gas blocks, magazines, steel receivers, etc.

Electroless Nickel (EN)

An Electroless nickel coating is a dense alloy of nickel and phosphorus. Our engineered Electroless nickel plating processes can be tailored to provide various levels of hardness, wear, abrasion and corrosion resistance, and lubricity. We offer Low, Medium, and High Phosphorous plating processes, as well as Electroless Nickel with Teflon, EN with Boron Nitride, and black EN plating.

Electroless Nickel with Teflon

This coating is an electroless nickel with Teflon particles co-deposited within the matrix. The coating is designed to release Teflon particles, the nickel wears and more Teflon releases. Usually used for release properties in the mold and die industry. Limited wear and high temperature applications.

Black Nickel with Boron Nitride

This coating withstands higher temperature and pressures better than EN Teflon.The boron nitride particles are a much better choice than Teflon for firearms applications. Still not as wear resistant as NiB-X but suitable for some wear applications.

All WMD finishes are applied in a facility that has earned NADCAP accreditation—the highest level of process control recognized in the aerospace industry! Our NiB-X coatings are certified to ASTMB607 and/or AMS2433C.  Nitromet conforms to ASTM 2753.

As important as the technologies themselves, we’re gun guys just like you! We’re experts in all the tolerances and variables that are crucial for optimizing firearms performance. Plus we do extensive range testing to insure our coatings last and meet your most demanding performance standards.

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Retail Coating Prices & Order Forms

WMD Guns is no longer offering the Upgrade program for individual parts.   In the meantime, we offer a full array of NiB-X® coated parts and firearms.

Thank you for your support of our technology and products.

Range Coating Services

The WMD Range Partners Program was created to help ranges to increase rentals and sales, provide sales assistance at the retail level and raise consumer awareness and knowledge of WMD Guns/NiB-X® products. Be the first to offer your customers NiB-X coated firearms that are easier to clean and require little to no lubrication. WMD Guns will coat pistols, rifles (AR’s, bolt actions, semi-automatics) and shotguns.

Advantages to coating your Rental Firearms in NiB-X are as follows:

  • Less wear & tear and on your rental guns with NiB-X
  • Higher reliability (fewer stoppages) for customers renting and using range guns
  • Easier to clean for your employees (wipes clean in most cases)
  • Higher resale value since the NIB-X coated guns show little to no wear
  • More environmental corrosion protection than blued or stainless steel guns
  • Very lubricious (CoF .07) and needs little to no lubrication to operate
  • Less maintenance (longer usage between cleaning cycles)
  • Harder than Tennifer, Melonite, Nickel Teflon and Hard Chrome (NiB-X is Rc72)
  • Improve the shooting experience – You will feel and see the difference!

Program Requirements:

  • NiB-X coated firearms must be used as rental or loaner guns at public or private ranges.
  • NiB-X coated firearms must be in use for 3 months from the time you receive the guns.
  • NiB-X firearms must be properly maintained and available to consumers throughout the 3 month period.
  • The minimum order is 5 guns to be coated at a time.
  • Fill out & sign Range Partner Program Sheet.
  • Fill in the Upgrade Order Form
  • Gun Range Partners will be able to have new & used range guns coated with NiB-X at a discount off of Dealer Pricing.

Request a Range Partner Program sheet by contacting

Coating Process

In recent years, the firearms field has seen the introduction of revolutionary new metal coatings and surface treatments that deliver unprecedented levels of corrosion protection, wear resistance and reliability. A cadre of firearms performance experts formed WMD Guns to leverage these new firearm coating technologies and offer a full spectrum of premium products, coatings and services to the firearms industry.

Our team has a tremendous width and depth of firearms industry expertise, with inhouse, master gunsmithing and firearm production capabilities to provide full spectrum performance to the firearms industry.

WMD Guns offers the following  high-performance coating and surface treatment options:

  • NiB-X® Nickel Boron (our premium product)
  • Nitromet Salt Bath Nitrocarburizing (i.e., Melonite)
  • Electroless Nickel Teflon
  • Zinc Nickel
  • Electroless Nickel
  • DLC
  • PVD

Our proprietary NiB-X coating process delivers the highest hardness rating in the nickel boron plating industry, exceeding Rockwell 70 C with post-treatment heating. For customers, this means unsurpassed wear protection.

Custom Formulations

The key to our engineered nickel boron plating processes is versatility. Depending on performance needs, deposits can include combinations of hardness, wear, abrasion and corrosion resistance, lubricity, solderability, high-temperature performance and protection from various chemicals. With rigorous precision, we create and deliver the finished product on time and at a great value.

Total Coating Uniformity

Since the process requires no electrical current, controllable coating deposition rates produce consistent tolerances within ± 1 to 2 microns. The result is the same amount of plate on sharp corners, edges and flat surfaces – including blind holes, threads, channels, recesses and internal areas – of parts of all sizes and shapes. And since coatings mirror the surface profile of the substrate, little or no post-plate grinding or burnishing is required.

Superior To Chromium

NiB-X nickel boron parts are known for high hardness, good adhesion, excellent lubricity, low coefficient of friction and uniform coverage. Parts coated with the NiB-X nickel boron process are suited to a wide range of applications. When properly lubricated, overall wear properties are superior to hard chromium.

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